The Welcome Changes of Autumn, 2017


Blossom (left) and Fleetwood (right) Taylor


Faux bois in the Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris

Now that the great grizzly Creative Thesis has been turned in, my large collection of yarn and knitting patterns has come out, calling to me,  ‘hey, when are you gonna start on those Christmas presents,  missie?’   I’d like to try some of these little mousies.


Fair Isle Mice

deathflake mittens

Deathflake mittens : (pattern free from ) uses teensy, tiny needles, but it’s a fun pattern in Shetland wool shades of plum, indigo, peat heather and violet with cream. This pair will be for a friend, but I’m planning a pair for myself in hand-dyed charcoal gray with white. I’ll switch out the skulls on the cuffs for fair-isle rib.


Chilly November afternoons are perfect for long walks while listening to books. Right now I’m listening to Elizabeth Von Arnim’s The Enchanted April, a fabulous British comedy of manners published in 1922. (Think Jane Austen in the 1920’s).


Italian terracotta Della Robbia


A November table

And below, is what I’ll most look forward to for 2018! From mid-March to mid-April I’ll live in Hawthornden Castle, along with five other international writers who are strangers to me. No speaking is allowed in the castle between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00pm. Writing, long rambles in the woods, some good Scottish knitting yarn and I’ll be in heaven, thanks to Mrs. Drue Heinz and her fellowship committee.


Hawthornden Castle, home of the Hawthornden International Fellowship, near Edinburgh, Scotland


A harvest urn at Flowers on Chestnut, Nantucket, MA

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