The story behind the story:  Scrapbook

My story Scrapbook is one of 42 pieces of flash fiction featured in Microchondria II, the literary journal of the Harvard Bookstore. The finished book is in stock.

You have your choice of four different cover designs. However, if you don’t want to order the book you can at least see my very own name, listed as a contributing author. If you email me or fill out the form below I will send you the text.

The story behind the story:  Scrapbook

 (Spoiler alert! Read the story first!)

Scrapbook was inspired by two things, the first being a 1914 scrapbook, assembled by my grandmother, Elsie Curtis Nelms. It seems to me that people were more sentimental then. Things were saved and treasured. Granny Nelms is also the inspiration for my character Elsie in my novel. One of her children, Jimmy, died of scarlet fever at the age of five.

Secondly, the story was inspired by Harvard Professor Dr. Matthew Kaiser. Two years ago, I took Dr. Kaiser’s Harvard Extension School class, English-156a: Crime and Horror in Victorian Literature and Culture.

The class was fascinating, and one of the things Dr. Kaiser discussed was the Victorian obsession with death and mourning. He showed us macabre photographs of families posed with dead loved ones, which was, for a time, a fashionable thing to do. The images were unsettling. They stayed with me. The images below are not from my grandmother’s scrapbook. They are from a 2016 article on called “Taken from Life: The unsettling art of death photography,” by Bethan Bell.

 Scrapbook1 Scrapbook2 Scrapbook3

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