Coming Home

I love to travel. And I always love to come home.

I love Paris. I love Paris any time of year (although April can be cold and rainy, and gray.) I will return home tomorrow after sixteen days away. During my stay in Paris, a crazy man in a truck killed a lot of innocent people in Nice. The next day, flags flew at half-mast in Paris.



We were at Versailles, celebrating Bastille Day,  riding bikes through the grounds and watching fireworks at eleven p.m. IMG_0609


detail of a garden urn, Versailles


Marie Antoinette’s cipher

We returned to our hotel room and the sobering news about Nice.


In the garden of the Musee Rodin







I won’t stay home. If I do, then terrorists (or crazy, truck-driving murderers) win. Although my father and husband worried, we stayed. And here are some of the things we saw:


Roses at the Hotel Costes


IMG_1352         IMG_2917




Picasso’s chair


Faux bois at the Jardin du Luxembourg


Laduree macarons

We enjoyed Paris and went on to enjoy Valencia, eating paella on the beach at Ernest Hemingway’s favorite spot.


La Pepica, Valencia


I am ready to get home now, to see my family, and my dogs and my garden. My daughter wants to get back to her friends and her new apartment. So we have memories, and photos, and mementos, and best of all, a family and home to return to.

One thought on “Coming Home

  1. Hey cuz Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed all of your photos. We must all keep traveling and not allow the terrorists to ruin our lives. Safe travels home! I have been in Vail for a week. Fabulous! Beautiful hikes, delicious meals, and fabulous wines. I am spoiled! Head home to real life tomorrow. The only flight out leaves at 8am which means I must leave the code at 6:30 am …not my style. 😊🐔 Xoxo Wcl

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