The Waiting Game Part V: WORKING TITLE

  In which Liza grapples with choosing a title. Click on bold text for links. Doh. I had to think for a while to come up with a title for this blog post, which is about…choosing titles. For a while I’ve wanted to change the title of my forthcoming historical novel (my publisher agreed) and … Continue reading The Waiting Game Part V: WORKING TITLE

The Waiting Game, Part IV: Pinch me.

1943 photo. On Facebook, I see a lot of people feeling "blessed," This, I have noticed, often precedes a humble-brag about their gifted children or new vacation house, so I use the word with some reservation. But I am feeling that word these days. On Wednesday, I send off revisions for ETIQUETTE FOR RUNAWAYS to … Continue reading The Waiting Game, Part IV: Pinch me.

The Waiting Game: PART I

Attributed to Marcus Gheereart the Younger , Portrait of a Lady in late 16th century Elizabethan England. (Roughly 1550 to 1600) from [Public domain] If the wait from book deal to physical publishing contract were a pregnancy, I’d have my suitcase packed and waiting at the door by now. My last blog post was … Continue reading The Waiting Game: PART I

The story behind “Confab”

Photo from Wikimedia Commons:User:Drozd [Public domain] In print now in Gargoyle Magazine #66. In the early 1980’s it was generally considered safe to hitchhike on Nantucket Island. At least, those of us who had only just graduated college and come for the summer— career-less and broke—found it an economical and efficient mode of transportation. And … Continue reading The story behind “Confab”